Does Islam have Enemies.

Syed Sharfuddin

Disclaimer. This article is a reaction to a fake and anonymous chain letter which was received in March 2018 though second class UK post by several members of the public, including British Muslims which said “April 3 would be “Punish a Muslim Day,” and points would be awarded for acts of violence: 25 points for pulling off a woman’s head scarf, 500 points for murdering a Muslim and 1,000 for bombing a mosque.” This article does not in any way consider Jews, Christians and persons or other faith or no faith as enemies of Islam. However, it identifies the radical elements within these communities as the enemies of Islam who openly hurl abuses against Islam and Muslims and do not have any respect for the Quran and the prophet of Islam.

The mega popularity of an individual, country or religion automatically generates controversy and in the process produces its critics and enemies. Having critics is in fact a positive thing because critics hold a mirror to the principals and show them a way to correct and adjust to what is acceptable behaviour in society. However, having enemies is a different ball game altogether, because enmities are created from jealousy and their main object is to destroy the fame on which the principal stands or to undo it in such a way that it falls from grace and is unable to stand on its own ever again.

Going by this definition, Islam as a popular and living religion also has its enemies. These enemies consist of two groups. One group is internal which, because of its lack of knowledge of Islam and harmful actions, undermines the very religion its seeks to promote foolishly. The other group is external, mainly comprising non-Muslims which does not believe in diversity and cohabitation with Muslims and seeks to drown them in the sea once and for all. The victims of both these groups of enemies of Islam are ordinary Muslims who have no political or religious manifestos to implement as part of a divine plan to establish a global Khilafa or Ummah in the world. Their main preoccupation is to work hard for themselves and their families, be good to others and stick to their roots and identity. In Europe and the US, the emerging Far Right groups are stirring this unsettled pot further to drive out the Muslim communities from their societies by reverse migration or reduce them into ghetto communities by scare mongering and intimidation.

So who is the enemy of Islam? Apart from the fire-born devil Shaitan who is mankind’s biggest enemy, there is also an exclusive group of people who are the enemies of Muslims. This group comprises the extremely radical Jews who are not content with the establishment of a sovereign independent Israel to practice their religion and repent for their sins which resulted in the loss of the coveted treasures of King Solomon. Their aim is to reclaim all the lands which once belonged to the Biblical kings, judges and prophets and rule the world according to Yahweh (Jehovah), the God of Israel. In doing so, they earnestly believe they are fulfilling a biblical prophecy.

Why is this enmity? The ultra-right Jewish radicals see Islam as the only credible obstacle to achieving their aim because it is the fastest growing religion today. With a decline in Jewish and Christian populations, they worry that the law of demographics will favour Muslims in the coming years and might prevent their mission of ruling the world to seek the pleasure of the God of Israel. They are as much politically motivated to implement this objective as they are religiously committed to see it through within a couple of generations.

Where are they based? These radical Jews live not only in Israel but also in the United States and Europe. They are enemies of Islam for a good reason. It was Islam which acclaimed their apostles, their holy places and their religious icons. It was Islam which said that the Torah had been corrupted by rabbis which necessitated the arrival of Jesus who give a New Testament to the Scripture of Moses. They call Islam a fake religion and a cut and paste faith because everything they find in Islam is already in Judaism and Christianity. But Islam is not tailored to their wishes. In fact, it says the Jews were the chosen people but because they disobeyed and rejected Allah’s commandments they were exiled from the holy land. Yahweh took away their special status from them and gave it to the children of Ismail who were the new Jews, named Muslims. So it is mainly family rivalry, jealousy and the fear of losing their religious heritage which makes them the enemies of Islam. But underlying this jealousy is also the fear that Islam has the motivation, power and capacity to defeat them if there is ever a show of power play.

Who else is with the Enemy? Not every Jew falls in the category of Islam’s enemy just as not every Jew is bothered about Israel or the prophesy of prophets being fulfilled about the future. Only the radical Jews are the enemy of Muslims but for tactical reasons they have made friendship with Christian Evangelists, Neo-Conservatives and Alt-Right Groups which are against Muslims for a number of other reasons such as growing Muslim populations, higher Muslim numbers in refugee movements and the rise of mosques and practicing Muslims in Europe and the US. In this climate of fear and mistrust, the radical Jews find a fertile ground to plant their hatred of Muslims by pointing out the horrible acts of terrorism committed globally in both Muslim and non-Muslim states by people purporting to be Muslims, as well as political conflicts in Muslim lands against the occupying armed forces, and also against their governments which are seen as oppressors or vessels of foreign powers. The radical Jews have the natural advantage of claiming Jesus and the followers of Jesus on their side because of the synonymous nature of the Old and New Testaments. For tactical reasons, the radical Jews, their Jewish organisations and groups do not find Christians as a threat. In fact, they use them as facilitators to implement their grand design of dominating the resources of the world through covert hands.

What do they want? The aim of radical Jews, their client organisations and groups is to confuse and divide Muslims into radical Muslims and good Muslims. They define radical Muslim as anyone who understands Quran and practices Islam. The define good Muslims as Muslims who don’t know Islam apart from the fact that they are born in Muslim families, participate in Muslim festivals and rituals and occasionally attend prayers in a language that they do not understand. The former are called Islamists, the latter are called moderates.

How do they oppose? The opposition of radical Jews to Islam is not covert. These fellows are open and direct in calling Islam a false religion. They call the prophet of Islam a possessed person, who was a peaceful man until he became powerful and that he and his followers used power to kill non-believers. They call archangel Gabriel as a demon who told Muhammad parts of Jewish and Christian history which became stories of prophets in the Quran. They call Quran a radical book which preaches nothing but hatred of Jews and Christians and obliges Muslims to take to sword. They say Ismail was not part of the house of Abraham. He was not part of the Plan of God who chose Abraham and his offspring to go to different places and discover the land for the children of Israel. Armed with such highly provocative narrative these radical Jews hope to provoke Muslims into anger, and create a fear of Islam among the non-Muslim people, and stop its global reach and popularity. May Allah always protect us from the doubts inspired by the devil.

What is their methodology? The methodology employed by these enemies of Islam is threefold: time money and resources. The spread hatred of Islam through formal and informal channels of communication, especially social media. They have set up Anti-Islam websites and chat groups who turn out loads of hate speech against Islam under the guise of freedom of expression and opinion. But they are careful never to threaten or abuse anyone online. They use agents who know the languages and cultures of people living in the target countries. An important part of this methodology is ganging up. They don’t argue a point on one on one basis. They crowd and become a group so that the target is inundated by many and believes that he has been relying on incomplete or incorrect information and must change his views because so many people can’t be wrong.

What kind of Muslims are acceptable to them? Radical Jews have no issues with ‘cultural’ Muslims who do not know Quran and are unlikely to read it because of their busy lifestyle or lack of education or knowledge of Arabic language. A cultural Muslim is perfectly acceptable because he poses no threat to their global mission of total control and domination. Such a Muslim is always warmly welcomed; even described as a good model Muslim so that his foundation remains weak on Islam but strong in the community he engages with. The people who have the knowledge of Quran and Hadith are the main problem. They are taken for granted to be ‘extremists’ and ‘radicals’ because the radical Jews believe that the message of Quran is essentially a radical message where there is no room for moderation. To them, a Muslim who reads the Quran and follows Muhammad, peace be upon him is automatically prone to be ‘radicalised’ and become a ‘terrorist’. The radical Jews have done extensive study of the Quran and taken out of context verses which talk about war and retribution and if they have their way, they will be happy with a Muslim Quran which expunges all such verses and defangs the ‘snake’ whose bite they fear most. One popular method employed by them is to separate the Quran from Hadith; promote the former and reject the latter. After they have succeeded in convincing someone to do this, they introduce the cancelled verses (ayat-e-tanseekh) and verses which have multiple meanings (ayat-e-mutashabihat) to create doubt and confusion in the Muslim mind about the message of the Quran.

What is their final aim? The final aim of radical Jews is to create the second coming of Israel and occupy almost all the Arab lands where there are footprints of biblical prophets and archaeological sites. This makes the whole of Palestine, a great part of Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf States a target area where a greater Israel must be established to fulfil the prophesy that Yahweh will once again empower His chosen people, the children of Israel to inherit the earth.

Where do we go from here for finding a solution? The solution to counter the hatred and anti-Islam project of radical Jews joined by their like-minded Evangelists and Alt-Right groups presents a major dilemma for Muslims. Should they give up and get out of the way or resist this hard attitude with a counter-narrative of their own? If they give up, they are fulfilling their own prophesy that close to the end of times Muslims will be overpowered by Christians and Jews and the only place where they will be safe will be in Makkah and Madinah. If they resist, then they are doing the right thing to exercise their duty to defend Islam against a barrage of disinformation and the negative propaganda which is being heaped on it to misrepresent it and deform its message of peace and compassion for mankind.

How can one go about correcting Islam’s faux image? The important thing for the Muslims is to first know their internal and external enemies but not to fall in the trap of taking them on individually. They should form think tanks and join organisations which promote Islam’s message of peace and tolerance and dispel the misplaced fears that it is a threat to any faith or community. They should know that the biggest trap they can fall into is the trap of provocation and repetition of false propaganda which can work them up mentally and force them to react and fall in the category of extremism. Muslims have a tendency to use the f words and become aggressive even in conversation. That is their biggest folly. Nor should they give up and start doubting their faith and its foundations. The secret of success is: remain cool and always be reasonable.

13 March, 2018






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  1. Ayaz Hussain avatar
    Ayaz Hussain

    An excellent write up elaborating Jewish enmity towards Islam. I believe that internal threat also need a separate write which may are being exploited by these external forces and harming peaceful Muslims and Islam.

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