Bedtime Stories


I have made an attempt to read out children’s bedtime stories on this page for young children who ask their parents every evening before going to bed to tell them a nice story. The stories are read out from the book titled ‘365 Stories for Children’. The book is in 4 volumes and is printed by ‘Baitul Ilm Trust Karachi’. The stories are compiled in Urdu by the editor of ‘Bachon ka Islam’. The 4 volumes are available from leading Islamic bookstores in all the main cities of Pakistan. These books are reasonably priced and can also be obtained directly from and by writing to the editor at
There is no charge for the audio listening of the stories for children on this page. However, parents may wish to make a hadiya/ contribution to ‘Maktaba Baitul Ilam’ directly by going on their website so that the publishers can use thier donation to produce more such books for children and contribute to their moral and ethical education through entertainment.
Nothing can be more educational than a nice bed time story for a child read to him/her by their parent or narrated through an audio device which is becoming so common in our everyday life. Jazaka Allah.

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