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Allah’s Instructions to Muslims: A Guidance for Mankind: Comparing Surah Al Isra and Al Hujarat.

Syed Sharfuddin The holy Quran is a beautiful tapestry of repeating parables, divine guidance, biblical warnings, and holy commandments, assertions and prohibitions which, if understood and acted in letter and spirit with full sincerity and faith, can make a Muslim a complete human being serving Allah and following His prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, […]

The power of imagination: A biblical perspective

By Syed Sharfuddin When we read the translation and tafseer of Surah Waqea we come to know that the lucky dwellers of Paradise will remember events of their earthly life and recall their past episodes, conversations and feelings in their heavenly discourse with each other in a manner of surprise or reference for a new […]

The Sole Purpose of Human Life is to Worship Allah

Syed Sharfuddin As we are moving deeper into the cyber age, it is becoming harder to manage our daily commitments and keep up with family and social obligations. When we read in our religious texts that the sole purpose of life is to worship Allah we wonder who will pay our mortgages and put food […]

Reason takes a back seat in Faith

Reason and logic are great instruments which sharpen the understanding of religion but to suspend faith completely and place every single aspect of religion under science and technology will leave you with the a major handicap of revising your belief every now and then as new discoveries are made and science throws away its old baggage in the blackhole of human evolution.

Peygambers as Shepherds for their Flock

Syed Sharfuddin Allah Subhanuhu wa Taala sent peygambers (prophets) to different communities of people in different epochs so that no community could say on the day of Judgement they did not receive divine Guidance to be accountable for their deeds. This stopped with the coming of prophet Muhammad, may Allah preserve him and protect him, […]

کرونا وائرس کی حقیقت اور دابہ الارض

السلام علیکم ھم سب کو چاھیے کہ ھنسی مذاق چھوڑ کر غور کریں کہ یہ سب کیا ھو رھا ھے اور کیوں ھو رھا ھے۔ اللہ تعالی سے معافی طلب کرنے کا وقت ھے اور اپنے اعمال پر نظرثانی کی ضرورت ھے۔ یہ مقالہ اسی سلسلہ کی ایک ادنی کاوش ھے۔ وقت نکال کر ضرور […]