Complete Taraveeh ki Soghat PDF (Urdu)

The holy month of Ramadan is only two weeks away and millions of Muslims throughout the globe are preparing to benefit from Allah’s blessings in this month by bracing themselves to fast, recite the Holy Quran, give charity, pay the obligatory zakaat on wealth, establish Qiyam-ul-Lail (Taraveeh) at night hours and do good deeds. For […]

Reflections on Death and Journey to the Hereafter

The reality of death and questions relating to what happens after death have fascinated man in every era and generation from the Pharaohs who built impressive pyramids for themselves to live in the company of the gods to modern times when occurrence of death has multiplied manifold and the graveyards and cemeteries in our cities […]

Complete Book “Quraner Sogat” in Bangla (PDF)

Quraner Sogat2 By: Syed Basheeruddin-Zamani A review of the major Themes and Guidance contained in the Holy Quran in an easy to follow commentary in Bangla language. Originally translated from “Zalikal Kitab” published in Urdu in 1997 by Syed Basheeruddin-Zamani (RA). Full Text is attached as PDF above. Credits: Late Behrouze Isphanai for financing the […]