Complete Taraveeh ki Soghat PDF (Urdu)

The holy month of Ramadan is only two weeks away and millions of Muslims throughout the globe are preparing to benefit from Allah’s blessings in this month by bracing themselves to fast, recite the Holy Quran, give charity, pay the obligatory zakaat on wealth, establish Qiyam-ul-Lail (Taraveeh) at night hours and do good deeds.

For the followers of Sunni madhab in all four schools, Taraveeh prayers are offered in congregation after Isha prayers from the eve of Ramadan until the end of the blessed month. Number of rakaats varies from 8 to 12 to 20. These are, however, not obligatory. In countries where Arabic is not spoken, most Muslims who attend Taraveeh prayers in mosques are unfortunately not able to understand the meaning of the Quranic surahs recited in the Qiyam.

Mr Syed Basheeruddin Zamani, may Allah grant him Jannat al Firdous, thought about this issue and wrote thirty short essays which attempt to capture what is recited in each Taraveeh prayer progressively in the month of Ramadan. Those who have read his essays have found these very helpful in understanding the themes Quran discusses in the 114 chapters. In fact, the reading of these essays has encouraged many people to read the Quran with translation. Some have also started reading a Tafseer of their choice to understand Allah’s message with authentic Ahadith and commentaries of scholars of Ilmul Kalam.

Taraveeh ki Soghat was first published in Urdu in Karachi in January 2005. Full Urdu text of the book in PDF format is provided here for the Urdu readers. Taraveeh ki Soghat[Urdu pdf]

اللہ تعالی ھمی اپنی آخرت کی فکر کرنے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے اور اس کی کمائ کے لیے ھمیں ھر دم مستعد رکھے۔  کتاب پڑھنے کے لیے اوپر بٹن کو ٹک کریں۔

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