The power of imagination: A biblical perspective

By Syed Sharfuddin

When we read the translation and tafseer of Surah Waqea we come to know that the lucky dwellers of Paradise will remember events of their earthly life and recall their past episodes, conversations and feelings in their heavenly discourse with each other in a manner of surprise or reference for a new conversation. This means that after our death the door of this life and its memories will not shut after us; but will become a part of our preserved DNA and firewire consciousness.
Even in this life our imagination is capable of crossing very long geographical distances and physical timelines in nano seconds. You can easily recall and visualise your childhood, the day you got married or got your first job in a blink of an eyelid irrespective of time and place. It is quite possible therefore that in Paradise we might be able to use this imagination to the power of hundred which can even take us to re-enact the past like a live theatrical performance. Therefore while there is room for broader interpretation of the descriptive verses of the holy Quran as allegories and metaphors, there is equal justification to take these literally exactly as they appear in their narrative. It is not just Surah Waqea, but many other surahs where the conversation of the inhabitants of Paradise is beautifully described for us to get a glimpse of what the next life would be like for the righteous and obedient slaves of Allah Subhanuhu wa Taala. May He grant us and our families the honour to be among the successful inheritors of Jannah. Ameen.






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