In his famous book The Moqaddama, Ibn Khaldoon writes that the Arabs eat camel and it makes them men of honour and vengeance. He goes on to say the Turks eat horse which gives them strength and agility; the French eat swine, which makes them bold and debauched. The tribesmen of Africa eat monkey from whom they get the muscle to dance and shake. Another great philosopher of classical times, Ibn Al Qaiyyem says different types of animals possess different characteristics, which get transferred to man when he eats them. Their meat strengthens those parts of our body, which are suited to perform some or all of the traits of these animals. In the light of these two opinions, we note that in our times we are eating a lot of chicken. May the Good Lord protect us from the habits of chicken getting into us!






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  1. Ashraf avatar

    Salam alaikum dear brothers.

    I have spent quite a bit of time on your website. How is it that you do not write anything about the situation and division of the Muslims and the oppressive regimes that do not implement Islam. Our prophet saws the work in Mecca and Medina for 23 years to establish an Islamic state for all Muslims and his companions ra maintained the khilafah system after him right up to the Ottomans? isn’t it a duty in should be clear for muslims then and isn’t it a duty to call to what the prophet saws established in medina was put down by mustafa kemal ataturk? that you show the way how we can follow the prophet saws again?

    1. Scroll Down avatar

      If we become better Muslims in our own lives and families and community, then the rest of the journey will be easy. Remember a good rain starts with a few drops first.

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