Five Golden Principles of Success

Mufti Taqi Usmani writes in Vol 17 of Islahi-Khutbat, published in 2006 (pages: 87-182) that Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, gave five naseeha to Abu Huraira. These were: 1) اتق المحارم تکن اعبد الناس – stay away from forbidden things, you will become a true slave of Allah; 2) و ارض بما قسم اللہ لک تکن اغنی الناس – be content with whatever Allah has selected for you, you will become generous; 3) و احسن الی جارک تکن مسلما – be good to your neighbours, you will become a true Muslim; 4) و احب للناس ما تحب لنفسک – decide for others in the same spirit as you decide for yourself; 5) لا تکثر الضحک فان کثرہ الضحک تمیت القلب – avoid loud laughter, for it takes away compassion from your heart and causes it to die.” May Allah have mercy on us and empower us to practice these golden principles in our lives. Ameen

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