Instruments of Shaitan



Three things that assist Shaitan who is man’s declared enemy are: Self (nafs); Desire (hawa) and World (dunya). It is a lethal combination against living a good life and staying on the right path. Shaitan uses these instruments to tell man (insaan) to go to hell in such a way he looks forward to the trip. “He led me away from the message of Allah after it had reached me. Shaitan is indeed a deserter to man.” Surah Al-Furqan 25, Verse 29.
Self prods man to do evil; Desire opens the doors to debauchery, rebellion and transgression; love of Dunya leads to denial of the rights of other human beings, greed and injustice. Shaitan uses these tricks especially when man in most vulnerable and weak and when Shaitan succeeds in completely derailing man from the right path, he abandons him as if he never knew man.pathway






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