Parables of Animals in the Quran


“Allah has created every [living] creature from water. And of them are those that move on their bellies, and of them are those that walk on two legs, and of them are those that walk on four. Allah creates what He wills. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent.” Surah Noor 24: Verse 45.


The method of Quran is to present the Divine Message in the most appealing way through everyday examples and parables of kings and people from earlier generations, animals, birds and insects to make it easy for mankind to understand the message of peace and the order of universal in which man, as the representative of God is placed at the Centre.


The animals, birds and insects mentioned in the Quran are either parts of parables or brief examples to illustrate a point. Seven of the 114 Chapters in the Quran also bear names of animals. These are: The Cow 2, The Cattle 6, The Bee, 16, The Ant 27, The Spider (29), The Horses 100 and The Elephant 105.


Some of the stories in the Quran mention animals more than once. These are: the stories of Moses and Pharaoh and the Children of Israel (serpent, cow, calf, fish, apes, monkeys, swine, locust, vermin and toads); the story of the Cave people (dog); the story of Abel and Cain (crow); the story Abraham (mosquito, ram, birds); the story of Uzair (ass); the story of Jonah (fish); the story of the people of Thamud (camel); the story of the Elephant people (elephants and birds) the story of King David (sheep) and the story of King Solomon (hoopoe, ant).


In the verses of the holy Quran where animals are mentioned as examples are cow 6:144; calf 2:51 & 7:148 & 11:69; camel 6:144, 7:73, 11:64 & 77:33; fish 18:61 & 21:87; cattle 7:179 & 22:33; dog 5:4, 18:22 & 7:176; donkey 2:259, 16:8; 62:5 & 74:50; lion 74:51; termite 34:14; bird 5:110 & 105:3; serpent 26:32 & 27:10; spider 29:41; elephant 105:1; sheep 21:78, goat 6:143; locust, bugs and toads 7:133; fly 22:73; ant 27:18; bee 16:68; monkey 2:65; pig 2:173 & 5:60; apes 7:166; horses and mules 16:8, 38:33 & 100:1; mosquito 2:26; hoopoe 27:20; and wolf 12:13.


There is also a reference to an unidentified earthly animal in 27:82 who will appear “when the time for fulfillment of Our word against them will come”, this beast from the earth will speak to people because they did not believe in Our signs”.

May Allah increase our knowledge of the holy Quran and give us the understanding to comprehend the Divine Message correctly.

Syed Sharfuddin
21 June 2016






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