O Son of Adam. Do not fear authority because no authority lasts forever. But the authority of your Lord is permanent.

O Son of Adam. Do not be worried about your provision because resources are limited. But the treasures of your Lord are always full.

O Son of Adam your Lord has created you for His worship so do not waste time in playful activities.

Your Lord had set your sustenance in this world so do not tire yourself to increase it even though you must work for it and put your trust in Allah.

If you are content with what your Lord has allocated you, your will get peace of mind and comfort of body and shall receive His blessings.

But if you are not pleased with what your Lord has allocated you, then He swears on His Glory and Honour that He will set the world loose on you where you will run just like animals in the wilderness and after all that hardship you shall get no more than what your Lord had originally allocated in your portion.

O Son of Adam. Your Lord created the seven heavens and earth without any effort so would it trouble Him to simply send a bread of loaf your way.

O Son of Adam. Do not ask your Lord for tomorrow ‘s sustenance because He has not asked you for tomorrow’s deeds.

O Son of Adam. Your Lord loves you so He has a right over you that you love Him.

(Voiceover in Arabic is on Youtube by Imam Ash Sharawi. The source of this reported Hadith is not known.)






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