The House


standard bismillah

In the holy Quran there is a description of three types of houses. The first is the House of Allah which was rebuilt by Prophet Abraham in Makkah and is the most sacred place in the universe for the Muslims. “Allah has appointed this sacred house, the Ka’bah, as a means of support for (the collective life of) men, and has caused the holy month (of Pilgrimage), and the animals of sacrificial offering and their distinguishing collars to assist therein. This is so that you may know that Allah is aware of all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth; and that Allah has knowledge of everything.” Al-Maeda 5:97. The owner of this house is Allah but anyone who accepts the sovereignty of Allah over him is permitted to visit this house and worship there.
The second type is the house of this temporal world. Bricks and mortar but these are only temporary abodes even though they may provide protection against harsh weather, harmful animals and thieves and be a place for ultimate luxury and comfort. But in the eyes of Allah these are like a spider web, a wonder in architecture and material and yet so fragile that it can’t even stand a small storm. “The case of those who took others than Allah as their protectors is that of a spider who builds a house; but the frailest of all houses is the spider’s house; if they only knew. Al-Ankaboot 29:41. Come to think of the cost of this house for an average person; it is a mortgage of a lifetime with hard economic choices and tight budgeting unless you opt for the world and receive annual profit on your investment right here, instead of collecting an endowment in the hereafter.
The third type is the house in heaven for the believers who are the true servants of Allah and take the Straight Way, These houses are lofty, fully serviced and come with attached gardens and streams. The lease on these houses remains forever and there are no monthly or annual rates, rents or bills to be paid. “Allah has set forth for the believers the parable of Pharaoh’s wife. She prayed: “My Lord, build for me a house with You in Paradise and deliver me from Pharaoh and his misdeeds; and deliver me from the iniquitous people.” Al-Tahreem 66:11. The cost of getting this house is a life time of good deeds and obedience to Allah. For Su h people Allah may not provide riches but he has promised them that their life on earth will not be hard. “But whosoever turns away from this Admonition from Me shall have a straitened life; We shall raise him blind on the Day of Resurrection,”. Ta’ha. 20:124.






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