The Straight Way

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    The words صراط المستقيم or Straight Way appear in the holy Quran 34 times including in the First Chapter Al-Fateha which is recited many times in prayers and is regarded as the equivalent of the Lords Prayer in Christian faith. The question arises what is the Straight Way which guarantees success and promises everlasting heaven in the hereafter.

    The answer to this query lies in the holy Quran itself. In Surah Al-Fatiha, Allah says that it is the way of people on whom Allah has bestowed His blessings and rewards (1:6). In three Chapters of the holy Quran, the Straight Way is defined as serving Allah alone (3:51; 19:36 & 36:61). In another Chapter, Allah says that those who have knowledge know that it (meaning the Quran) is the Truth from their Lord and they have faith in it. Their hearts humble themselves before Him. Allah directs those who are on the Straight Way (22:54).

    Other signs of being on the Straight Way are: If you follow Allah, you are on the Straight Way (43:61). You are on the right course if you hold fast to what has been revealed to you, ie the Quran (43:43).

    The Straight Way is a path which Allah has chosen and singled out for Himself (15:41). It is a path whose signs have been revealed to those whomsoever Allah wills to guide and opens his heart for Islam (6:126). Someone who enjoins justice is on the Straight Way (16:76).

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