What is Man


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In the holy Quran, Allah Subhanuhu wa Taala has stated that He created man out of the extract of clay (23:12) but he created him with so many defects that without divine guidance and help from his Creator man cannot return to the Garden of Eden from where he was expelled because of his disobedience to Allah and taking the ill advice of his arch enemy Satan.

Listing man’s many weaknesses, Allah says in the Holy Quran man is created ungrateful (kafoora -17:67); narrow hearted (qatoora – 17:100); argumentative (jadala – 18:54); ignorant (jahoola – 33:72); unjust (zaloom – 14:34); impatient (halooa – 70:19); in haste (ajal – 21:37); in loss (lafi khusr – 103:2); rebellious (le yatga – 96:6); in hardship (kabad – 90:4); weak (daeef – 4:28); and pretentious (garrak – 82:6). These are traits with which we can easily identify ourselves by applying them in our personal lives and behaviour.

Allah then goes on to say that those men who submit themselves to the Will of Allah and do good, stay with the truth and exercise patience are able to overcome their birth defects (weaknesses) and rise above their mundane life, destined to be the inheritors of heaven where they will live forever without fear or sadness.

May Allah give us the understanding to overcome our faults and weaknesses by following Allah, His prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and the holy Quran, which is Guidance to all mankind.






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